A Change

August 10, 2015

Things began for us as a free community service known as "Farmer's Cellar" in Spring of 2014. We've had a blast serving you all and plan to continue unchanged except for one small "tweak", if you will. We're "re-branding" this free community service as "Farmer's Cellar (Free!)" to help us distinguish it from our new endeavor.

Our "new endeavor" is to make an official business out of many of the concepts Farmer's Cellar (Free!) incorporates. We're not in any hurry and plan to grow this new business over time and have fun doing it. We'd love your input and involvement as we grow so drop us a line if you have ideas or feedback!

And as you might have guessed, the new official business endeavor will be called "Farmer's Cellar"!

David & Kellye Hall