Drop Site Info


We have multiple freezers and refrigerators in our garage dedicated to the drop site's use and will add as many more as necessary as time goes on.

Drop Location

We are in Kirkland, WA, 1.3 miles from Exit 18 (NE 85th St.) off I-405, 1.8 miles from Google offices and 3 miles from Microsoft campus.

9827 128th AVE NE

Kirkland, WA 98033


For pickups just park in the driveway. If that is full there is a very wide, 200 foot long pullover / parking lane immediately adjacent to our driveway that is excellent for parking, even for semi trucks. It is also fine to park on our side of the street between driveways should the pullover lane be full.

For security, the garage door will be kept closed except for when in use. We have a PIN key pad on the outside of the garage to let yourself in for your pickup. If you don't have the code just follow the instructions on our First Time User page.

If you could try to keep usage between 7AM and 7PM that would be great although in "emergencies" it is fine to pickup outside those hours.

Planned Future Features

-Surveillance cameras to monitor all activity both inside and outside the garage to enhance security. The system will record all footage so there will always be a record of things.