Azure Standard

Source's Info


Order from Azure directly through their website listed above. As a part of their ordering process you will specify that you want products dropped at Farmer's Cellar (Free!) by entering our drop # (see below) at check out.


Expected deliveries are Wednesdays about 4:30PM - 5:30PM and order cutoff is the Monday prior at 4PM. See our cutoff and delivery calendar.

  • We are a drop for the C1 and C3 route. Look here to find both the order cutoff and delivery dates.
  • Our Azure Drop #: D797419

Email Notifications

When your products are delivered here to Farmer's Cellar we get an invoice with your name and contact info. We use that every delivery to send out "delivery notification" emails to every customer on the invoice. These delivery notification emails serve two purposes:

1) To let you know exactly when your product arrives and is available for pickup

2) To provide PIN code / access instructions.

To be clear, the PIN code / access instructions are a standard part of every delivery notification email that we send out so you never have to remember the code.