Payment and Pickup

Payment is due when you pick up your coffee. You can leave cash or check (payable to "Benjamin Baxter") at Farmer's Cellar or Paypal to benjx1@gmail.com

Individual Orders

Individual orders are processed immediately and will always be available for pickup within 1 week of ordering. To place an order:

1) Email, call or text the amount (in pounds) and kind (e.g. Espresso, Supreme etc.) of coffee you would like

2) I will reply with an order confirmation

3) You will be contacted again as soon as your coffee is available for pickup at Farmer's Cellar

Email: benjx1@gmail.com

Mobile: 425-681-5825

Note: individual orders 10lbs or greater receive a 10% discount.

Bulk Orders

Bulk orders take longer than individual orders to process because I have to accumulate others' orders to get the minimum.

Bulk orders are for those who want the 10% discount but don't want to purchase 10 or more pounds. If you order this way, your order will be grouped with others' orders until the 10lb minimum is met. As soon as that 10lb minimum is met I will roast the coffee, deliver for dropoff and you'll receive notification it's ready for pickup. Here's the sequence of events:

1) Place your order in the form below

2) As soon as enough other people's orders come in to total 10lbs you will receive notification that your order is being processed. Note it will take some time for me to accumulate orders so you won't get this notification right away.

3) Within 1 week of the 10lb threshold being hit you will get notification that your coffee is available for pickup at Farmer's Cellar