Fila Farms

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About Fila Farms

Fila Farms is family owned and operated in Waterville, WA. After raising many different kinds of food on the farm over the years Ron Jr. decided to open this as a business and concentrate on healthy natural chicken!

About our Chickens

We are happy to bring you a healthier alternative than what is in the stores at an affordable price. Our chickens are natural and pasture raised, fresh and local with no antibiotics or added hormones. The grain is natural with no soy or GMO's and is produced by a farmer just down the road! Chickens are rotated over fresh pasture and eat all the grass and bugs they want!

Contact Fila Farms

For now you should use their Facebook page for contact and up to date news.


$2.99/lb in 20lb increments*

Each 20lb increment will:

  • Contain 4 birds, each weighing an average of 5lb
  • Cost $59.80 (plus 10% for out of town delivery which comes to $65.78)

*There is a small fee of 10% to deliver to all locations other than Wenatchee. But it helps with transport!

Ordering Details

To order, click here.

The cutoff time to order is Thursday @ 10pm, 2 days before the Saturday of delivery.

To pay, when you order you can use the PayPal link at the end of the order form after "submit". Or send cash or check to 18 N. Buchanan Ave. Wenatchee, WA. 98801. You choose whichever works for you.

We will contact you after you submit and order to confirm and give you more information.

Delivery Locations

We currently have drop locations in

  • Wenatchee
  • Omak
  • Maltby (Private residence near Maltby Cafe. Exact address provided upon order)
  • Kirkland (Farmer's Cellar (Free!))

Enjoy some delicious chicken!!