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How to Sign Up

  1. Click here to go to Oxbow's CSA sign up page
  2. Look for "Kirkland @ Farmer's Cellar" to specify us as your drop site

Oxbow's 2015 CSA announcement

Registration is now open for the Oxbow Organic Farm and Conservation Center 2015 CSA Season and we couldn't be more thrilled to share the results of our winter hibernation!

How incredible! Farmers crawl into a cave at the beginning of December and emerge a couple of months later with fully-formed plans for the fields, seed orders, fresh educational programming and brand SPANKIN new CSA features. Okay, so that’s not REALLY how it all goes down for us farmers in wintertime. While we haven’t been hibernating, we have definitely been warm and cozy AND wearing pajamas to work. Win-win!

Joining our CSA is easy, here’s how to be sure you get what you need to feed YOUR people this season:

  1. Go to www.oxbow.org. Click on CSA.
  2. Select the OxBox size that best fits your needs. With both our Family and Small shares, you’ll get 20 weeks of the freshest, hand-harvested, organic produce delivered right to your neighborhood.
  3. Find a pick-up location convenient for you. We’ve added lots of new pick-up locations for 2015, so chances are if we weren’t in your neighborhood before, we will be this season. Hot tip – if you live within the delivery zone for one of our participating Pagliacci Pizza locations, they’ll deliver your OxBox with your weeknight pizza! It’s sort of like we’re now offering home delivery with a pizza on the side.
  4. Choose from our great list of potential add-ons. We understand that people cannot live on veggies alone, so we offer a host of additional products that will compliment your produce and help you eat what you love each week. Many of our most popular add-ons sell out and we will close all add-on shares on May 29th, so be sure to sign up soon!
  5. Choose your payment option. You can pay for your OxBox in four installments OR all at once. Either way, you’ll be swimming in Oxbow produce from mid-June through the end of Oxtober.

To recap:

  1. Go to www.oxbow.org
  2. Choose your OxBox, pick up location, add-ons and payment option
  3. Hibernate until mid-June… okay, so maybe that’s not really how it goes down for any of us in the wintertime.

You’ll be hearing lots more from all of us at Oxbow Farm and Conservation Center about the programming and food production that your CSA membership supports, and about all that the NEW iteration of our name means. For now, we’ll stay in our pajamas while we answer all of your CSA sign-up questions. Thank you, from the bottom of our previously flooded fields AND our hearts.


Team Oxbow