Club Order Minimums

How can I tell if a Club Order Minimum has been met before I place my order?

First browse to the product of interest and click on it. If an unmet Club Order Minimum exists you'll see a red section below the product photo that will say how much more must be ordered to hit the Club Order Minimum.

How can I tell if a Club Order Minimum has been met after I place my order?

  1. Log in to your Farmer’s Cellar account
  2. Click the calendar icon at the top of the page
  3. Click the day on which your product is scheduled to arrive

If your product has an unmet Club Order Minimum you'll see a red section with the additional amount necessary to ship.

Order Cutoff

How can I view Order Cutoff?

Order Cutoff is the latest you can place or cancel an order. To find this date/time from your Tote or Orders page, click the to the left of any of the item rows. To find this information while shopping first click the product of interest, then click 'Delivery details'.


How Can I Tell What my Order's Currently Scheduled Delivery Date is?

To find out your products' currently scheduled delivery date log in to your Farmer's Cellar account and click the green company name at the top of any page. Then click 'Orders' and look under the 'Scheduled Delivery' column. If you did not receive delivery on the date you were expecting it's possible your delivery was skipped.


What Do the Various Icons Mean That I See on the Website?

  • means there is some kind of problem that you definitely should be aware of. You can sometimes click the icon for more detailed information.
  • flags some kind of important information we'd like to make sure you're aware of. You can sometimes click the icon for more detailed information.
  • means you can click it to reveal more detailed information. Go ahead, click it...see what happens.
    Simple enough.
Password Reset Isn't Working

Email Submitted More than Once

When you submit your email address to reset your password, it can take a minute or two to get an email response from us...probably a bit longer than you're used to. So the trick is to submit your email address here only once and then just wait.

And note: it's ONLY the most recent password reset email you receive that will work. All others will fail. So if you have submitted your email address multiple times you must wait until the last email response from our system is received. Than you should be just fine.

Account not Activated

Before you can log in or change your password you must first 'activate' your account. You do this by clicking the link that should have been emailed to you when you signed up for a Farmer's Cellar account. If you haven't done this yet, look in your inbox for an email from us with the subject "Account activation". In the email, click the link that says "Activate".